Personal Care Assistance, Medication Reminders, and Non-Medical Recuperation

As we get older, it can be challenging to go through our daily routines with the same ease that we once did. From chronic health issues to the physical changes that aging inflicts on our bodies, sometimes we need assistance in performing daily tasks including bathing, hygiene and taking medication.

About four out of five seniors currently take at least one medication. For those seniors and older adults who are living at home it’s important that they are taking their medications regularly; however, it isn’t always easy to remember to take medications when we should. Our non-medical caregivers offer an easier way for seniors to take the medications they require to lead long, healthy lives while in the comfort of their own homes. We are here to assist in everything from opening medications to reminding clients to take their medications at the same time every day. Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients keep up with treating their current health conditions.

Certain medications require changes to diet and lifestyle, which our professionals can assist with to reduce the chance of side effects and other serious interactions. Furthermore, not taking medications routinely or as directed can also have negative consequences, particularly for those dealing with chronic health problems. Our non-medical caregivers can help clients establish medication routines so they don’t skip their medications, as well as help them read labels so they understand potential interactions.

Aside from medication reminders, we also provide a full range of personal care assistance to make sure that our clients feel great on the outside as well as on the inside. From brushing teeth and dressing each day to providing bathroom assistance, our caregivers help make everyday tasks easier while preventing falls and other injuries that can happen during these routine activities.

We offer a variety of grooming and personal care services to ensure that all of our clients look and feel their best.

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