Companionship and Conversation

For many a home is a sanctuary, and as we age the thought of giving up our home for the confines of a nursing home or senior living facility can be disheartening for many older adults and greatly impact their quality of life. According to the AARP, approximately 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age. While it’s important to give seniors the independence they need to continue leading enriched and purposeful lives, it’s also important to strike a balance between freedom and personal safety.

By offering non-medical care services to seniors in their own homes, we can give both the individual and their families peace of mind by providing the support and help they require to continue living in their home for many more years. What makes non-medical home care so invaluable to seniors is the companionship and interactions we offer each day. Aside from having daily one-on-one interactions we can also help assist the individual in writing letters and connecting with loved ones via email or social media.

Engaging in certain hobbies can also have positive effects on the mind and the body, and our goal is to help promote more interactive activities (e.g. painting; reading) within the household. Our services offer both the socialization and stimulation that’s vitally important for promoting better quality of life in older individuals. Having the social support that they require can positively impact a person’s psychological and even physical wellbeing. By offering daily socialization, we can decrease stress, medical problems and even psychological issues such as depression or anxiety.

The goal of our non-medical companion care is to provide emotional and physical support, any time, day or night, to promote independent and happy home lives for our clients.

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