Companion Care

What is Companion Care?

We are all social beings, regardless of just how much time we need to be around people. We enjoy sitting around and chatting with family and friends about everything from day-to-day living to what we saw on the news to what our grandkids are up to. Having that personal and social connection with someone is important and here at KSI Companion Care we understand the importance of being able to experience companionship on an everyday basis.

Here at KSI Companion Care we will find the ideal caregiver to fit your family’s needs. We will work with you and your family to create a tailored plan regarding your family member’s routine and what tasks that they will need assistance with. We offer a variety of services to cater to your unique and individualized needs. If mobility is an issue, KSI Companion Care can pick up your groceries or medications. We can even drive you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Getting everyday tasks done around the house may have once seemed easy, but health problems and aging can make it more difficult to get around and perform these tasks safely or as effectively. Let KSI Companion Care’s caregivers provide the help you need to keep your home clean. We want your loved ones to feel independent and comfortable in their own homes, and our caregivers provide the assistance they need to make this possible.

Along with light housekeeping and helping people bathe, eat and dress, we also provide a compassionate, understanding person who is there with a listening ear and ready for conversation. Having a loved one who is housebound can make it difficult for them to get the engagement and interactions they need, but having a caregiver around who can talk to them about anything is a great way to provide the companionship they may be longing for. With KSI Companion Care it’s difficult to feel lonely. When you turn to us you know you are providing your loved ones with the best possible care available.

If you are interested in companion care and what it could do for your family,
call KSI Companion Care at (985) 655-4444 to schedule an assessment.