Care Givers

What are Care Givers?

Care Givers in Houma, LAFamily is so very important. Even as we age, we want to do everything we can to help those we love. Of course, aging parents may find it more and more difficult to perform everyday tasks. You want them to have the best quality of life possible but being their caregiver day in and day out can be tough on you. That’s where KSI Companion Care can come take away the stress and provide the professional and compassionate caregiving services you or a loved one needs.

Our caregivers are here to provide the at-home care your family member requires. KSI Companion Care’s goal is to take the stress out of everyday tasks and to make it easier on every member of your family. We can help your loved one get up and get ready in the morning. We can help them bathe, get dressed or brush their teeth. We can also ensure that they take their medications everyday, which can be of the most importance to aging parents who may forget to take important medications.

KSI Companion Care’s caregivers can also help run errands and pick up groceries to assist in preparing meals. Making sure that people get the proper nutrients to lead healthy lives is important but meal preparation can sometimes be exhausting. Our goal, as your caregiver, is to ensure that we make these common duties so much easier so that everyone in your family gets the healthy meals they need to sustain them.

Of course, one of the most important parts of having a caregiver in your home is the social and emotional support they can provide. If a family member is housebound they often don’t get the social engagement and personal connections that everyone needs. While they may also need help with everyday chores, this is—by far—one of the most important things you can give them. Whether playing a game or just sitting and talking, our caregivers are here to provide the one-on-one attention that those who are important in your life need everyday to maintain the best quality of life.

According to statistics published by the National Alliance for Caregiving, over 34 million Americans are “informal caregivers” for their loved ones over the age of 50. Unfortunately, this can cause a major strain on their lives and careers. Many families find much-needed relief by hiring a formal caregiver to provide necessary companion care. Learn more about what caregivers do and the benefits of hiring one to help your elderly loved one. 

What Does a Care Giver Do?

An in-home caregiver provides necessary services to elderly people who are having a hard time managing on their own. Some caregivers may provide some level of medical assistance to patients, but the main goal is to give seniors companionship and assistance with daily duties. Here are a few things that a caregiver can help with:

- Grocery shopping or errand running.
- Tidying up (light housework).
- Preparing meals and feeding when needed.
- Helping patients take baths and get dressed.
- Helping patients get ready for appointments, or reminding them of appointments.
- Guiding patients around the house safely (to bathroom, kitchen, etc).
- Talking to and connecting with patients who may not get many regular visitors. Companionship is important for a patient’s mental as well as physical health.

Choosing a Care Giver

Since your caregiver will have to spend a significant time in the home with your loved one, it’s important to choose the right person. Here are a few tips for choosing a care giver:

- Choose a reputable care giver referral service that will provide you with an in-home consultation.
- Create a complete list of the things your elderly relative needs help with, so that you will know for sure that the caregiver can accommodate them.
- If your relative has a serious medical condition like Alzheimer’s, ask for a caregiver who has knowledge or experience with that specific ailment.
- Treat your first meeting with a potential caregiver like an interview—ask plenty of questions and trust your personal judgment to decide if it will be a good fit.

Caregivers Give Peace of Mind

Caregivers provide countless services for patients, but most of all they give families peace of mind. Since most family members who provide informal care are unpaid and spend a lot of time looking after their relative in need, they sometimes miss out opportunities in their own lives. Hiring a formal caregiver can alleviate some of the pressure that comes with managing the wellness of an elderly loved one.

Call for Care Giver Assistance

If you’re interested in hiring a formal caregiver to be there for your family member, call KSI Companion Care in Houma, LA at (985) 655-4444. Services available at KSI include adult sitters, senior home assistance and companion care.

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