Choosing a Care Giver

By KSI Companion Care
July 11, 2018
Category: Companion Care
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Selecting a caregiver for a family member is one of the most important things you can do to help a family member in need. Unfortunately, care giverit's not always so easy to determine if caregivers really have the compassion and expertise you and your family need. KSI Companion Care in Houma, LA, matches clients to caregivers based on a variety of factors.

What qualities does the ideal caregiver possess?

The best caregivers have one or more of these traits:

  • A Friendly Demeanor: Too often, elderly family members feel as if they're a burden to the younger generation. The best caregivers make their clients feel valued and respected and never behave as if caring for the client is an imposition.
  • Patience: Working with clients who are frustrated by mobility issues or other limitations isn't always easy. Choosing a caregiver who has infinite patience is the key to a successful relationship.
  • Initiative: Good caregivers identify what needs to be done around the house and take care of basic tasks that the client may no longer be able to perform, such as preparing simple meals or running errands. They also notice sudden changes in behavior and health and inform family members about these issues.
  • Compatible Personalities: Personalities play an important role in caregiver-client relationships. Clients who value peace and quiet won't be happy with a chatty caregiver, while those who crave conversation will be equally unhappy with a caregiver who isn't interested in engaging in small talk.
  • Competence: Good caregivers are equally adept at helping clients bathe as they are at meal preparation and caring for pets.
  • Reliability: Excellent caregivers take their positions seriously and arrive on time every day.

KSI Companion Care can help you find the best caregiver

You probably don't have the time to place ads on websites or in local publications, then screen and interview candidates. KSI Companion Care in Houma takes care of these details for you. The staff also meets with you and your family member to ensure that a good match between caregiver and client.

Do you need to find competent, friendly caregivers for a family member? Call KSI Companion Care in Houma, LA, at (985) 655-4444 to schedule an appointment to discuss the company's services and available caregivers.